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IG  ana_kotar_skarjak


Grounded in contemplative and introspective principles, my intuitive creative process stems from a deep connection with personal history and surroundings, transforming my inner experiences into a visually captivating narrative.


In my current series of drawings, I combine the emotionally charged intuitive brushstrokes  and deliberate composition when rearranging the cut-up drawing in a new abstract form. The resulting forms evoke a sense of controlled chaos, as if each piece has undergone a metamorphic journey, emerging from the raw, emotive energy imbued in the ink to find a delicate equilibrium in its reconstructed state.


Lives and works in Berlin since 2012

Born in Novo Mesto, Slovenia in 1987


2008- 2015   B.A. in Contemporary drawing and ArtPedagogy, Likovna pegagogika- Pedagoška fakulteta Ljubljana

                         (Visual arts pedagogy-Faculty for pedagogy Ljubljana)    /prof. Mag. Črtomir Frelih/ Ljubljana, Slovenia

2002- 2007    SŠOF- Srednja šola za oblikovanje in fotografijo Ljubljana(High school for design and photography Ljubljana),                               Ljubljana, Slovenia  



           2022   Resumption of artistic practice

2015- 2022   Expansion of biographical focus & professionalization as a tea expert, Berlin, Germany


2024   »Recollections like threads, woven through time«, Co-Making Matters, Haus der Statistik, Berlin, Germany (solo)

2022   »Open studio«, Berlin, Germany (solo)

2022   »Open studio«, Berlin, Germany (solo)

2014    »Papergirl Linz«, c/o Stadtwerkstatt Linz, Austria (group)

2014    »Memory: International Mail Art Exhibition & Swap«, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, Canada (group)

2014    »Kakšna prisrčna otvoritev«, UAUU Univerzalni Atelje Uličnih  Umetnosti, Ljubljana, Slovenia (group)

2013    »Grafika«, Kulturni Center Novo Mesto, Novo Mesto, Slovenia (group)

2011    »3.Rojstni dan Zelenega Zajca- Winnetou- The Untold Love Story«, Pri Zelenem Zajcu, Ljubljana, Slovenia (group)

2011    »Razstava študentov 4.letnika likovne pedagogike,Galerija PeF  (group)

2011    »Ana Kotar«, Pri Zelenem Zajcu, Ljubljana, Slovenia (solo)

2011    »Sirup«, Tovarna Samorog, Ljubljana, Slovenia (solo)

2010    »Print «, Bi Ko Fe, Ljubljana, Slovenia (solo)

2010    »Risbe in kipi«, Galerija Srečišče, Ljubljana, Slovenia (group)

2010    »Razstava študentov 3. letnika likovne pedagogike«, Galerija UL Pef, Ljubljana, Slovenia (group)


2024  Co-Making Matters, Haus der Statistik, Berlin, Germany

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