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Reflecting on the fractious state of motherhood, characterized by conflicting societal expectations, shifting gender roles, and the relentless pursuit of perfection amidst the chaos of daily life, one cannot help but feel the weight of the countless challenges and complexities faced by mothers today. In an era marked by rapid social change and technological advancement, mothers find themselves navigating a labyrinth of competing demands, from career aspirations to domestic responsibilities, all while striving to uphold an idealized image of maternal competence and unconditional love. Yet, beneath the surface of curated perfection lies a profound sense of vulnerability and uncertainty, as mothers grapple with the relentless pressure to meet ever-evolving standards of parenthood.


In the series "Keep it together" the cut-up drawings are deliberately misaligned in every composition, which serves as a reflection of the perpetual struggle for balance and harmony faced by individuals in the caretaking roles. They navigate a complex labyrinth of responsibilities and priorities, endeavoring to construct a cohesive picture amidst the inherent chaos. Through the misaligned squares, the artist offers a visual metaphor for the nuanced complexities of finding equilibrium within the ever-shifting landscape of joy, sorrow, love, and sacrifice.

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